Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm a bit of a neat freak.  Grant believes the counter is his much of the counter as he needs.  During the school year, Grant's "stuff" is everywhere.  Garrett is now back at BYU-I and the house is very quiet.  I am realizing that I can live with a bit of clutter, because it means that there is still a child at home.  Before I know it, Grant will be gone too and then our house will be very quiet.  In the meantime, I will live with and be grateful for a little bit of clutter:)
Grant and Kenzie Eliason made quite the darling couple for Homecoming.  These two juniors were the best of friends when they were in preschool.  Grant used to call her "Bakenzie".  It was so cute.  The Eliasons moved away 8 years ago and just recently moved back.  We are so glad they came "home" and that Grant and Kenzie are still friends. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

 And so it begins...The Allen High School Escadrille has been practicing for a few weeks now.  This is the annual Watermelon Bust.  There are a ton of tubas...20-30 or so...lots.
 Grant threatens to quit band on a regular basis.  But as you can see from the pictures, he is surrounded by friends when he's there.  (Grant and Kyle Steele)
 More friends...Tony Baker, Kyle, and Jake Holloway.
 A Color Guard friend...Rachel Fulton. Yep.  Band is a total and complete drag:)
 The Steele Brothers...Austin and Kyle (not pictured, Collin:)
 The annual "band member/parent" photo.
This is a small sampling of the band and color guard. In years past, there have been 800+ members.  There was a fair amount of "fallout" when band directors changed last year, amidst some controversy.  Not sure of the numbers now...maybe 600ish?  Still a lot!

Monday, August 18, 2014

 This past weekend we spent a much anticipated few days in Vero Beach, Florida at Disney's resort with Jennie and James Jenkins.The sunrises were incredible each morning. Although it was vacation time, we were up early to get our runs in ... in order to offset some of the bad food choices we made.  And yes, it was all worth it:)
 We jet skied one day.  This picture of James and Bill really isn't a fair representation of the actual event.  We'd hoped for 4 jet skis, but the company only operated two. start, we doubled up. That was nothing short of nerve-wracking and ridiculous.  I lost my hat as soon as I gunned the was my favorite too.  It's a challenge to steady these little machines and we ended up dumping it once.  I was skeptical that I would be able to hoist my sorry rear end up onto the jet ski...surprisingly, it wasn't an issue.  When Bill started to climb on, he tipped us off...ugh! I knew for sure I'd never be able to get back on twice and he'd have to drag me into shore.  But, miracle of miracles, I stepped right back up.  Once we were both back on the dumb thing, we headed into shore so Bill and James could ride solo.  These little jet skis aren't built for 2 adult riders...duh.  We had lots of laughs and made memories that we'll remember for a long time.
 The storms rolled in every afternoon.  And we didn't even mind.  Vacation is vacation...nothing could rain on our parade.  Southern storms are the best!
 The water was perfect.  This was the calm before the storm.
 The resort we stayed at is in the background.  It wasn't big like other Disney resorts we've stayed at, but we liked it.  Vero Beach is a nice town.
 The storm to the can see the sky changing in the picture below.  We were the last ones on the beach this day and the minute we stepped into the resort it started to pour! What perfect timing.
 We ate at some great local restaurants and saw a couple of movies during the afternoons when it was raining.  We laughed and reminisced and relaxed.  We played miniature golf and hung out poolside and went down the water slide and played canasta and listened to some great live music in a couple of restaurants...and I must say, we had dessert every. single. night.  That's something I haven't done in a very long time.  Heaven!
 We left Sunday morning but stopped by Church on the way out of town.  The Vero Beach Ward was small, but awesome.  They meet in a brand new building. (Check out that blue sky!)

We had a great time and hope to get another trip on the calendar soon.  We think we might start playing the lottery too so we can just be on a perpetual vacation. A great time with the best of friends.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bill and I drove from St George to the Timpanogos Temple in American Fork for Jill Jenkins' sealing.  She married Ben Kocher.  It was wonderful being there!
 It was a beautiful summer day and Jill was a BEAUTIFUL bride! They make a darling couple.
 Bill and James...a very happy celebration.

Unfortunately, we were racing to get back to Cedar we don't have many pictures taken outside the temple:(  Here is the only one I have with Jennie...It's too bad we didn't have more time, but we were there for the most important part...the sealing.  Such a great reason to be together!!!
Walking through the student center at SUU.  These 3 sure do love hanging out together.
This is our little Addie rockin' some short shorts...let's hope she chooses more wisely when she is older.  Grandma bought this outfit...she looks older than a 1 year old here. But what a little cutie.
 William works at the Shakespeare Festival and wanted us all to come see him in action.  It was a beautiful night.  We LOVED being there...the entire family!
 We only love this little girl a "tiny" bit.
 And they only love her a "tiny" bit too:)
 Papa drove up from St George to be with us and we were so happy he did!  He loves the Shakespeare Festival...and especially the Green Show, which is a free "pre-show" open to the public.  It includes music and dancing and games. We may or may not have consumed a raspberry tart or two also:)
 We sure love being with this little family!
 Here are the dancers...the theatre in the back resembles the Globe theatre in London...very cool.
 Addie's favorite person...anyone sharing food with her...this time, it's Uncle Grant and ice cream.
 Any family resemblance?  I love this oldest boy of mine.
 A great shot of "my life's work"...they are the reason I get out of bed every day! I love them.
 Some of the folks who gathered for the Green Show...we loved the thick, green, cool, Utah grass!
Three of my favorite guys...It was great being together! We made some great family memories.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 Because we are staying in St. George with Papa, we made a visit to see Great Grandma who lives at the Beehive House near Papa's home.  She was fairly alert-whatever that means for an elderly person who suffers from dementia.  We had a nice visit and the boys were good sports about being there. Old people, especially ones who are not in their right mind, kind of creep them out.
 It's not always easy seeing someone in this state of "being", but we chatted and spent a few minutes with her...I sure hope she knows we love her and care about her.
And this guy gets the "Son of the Year Award"! He is so kind and thoughtful where his mother is concerned.  He is a blessing in Grandma's life, even though she has no idea. What a great example of love and service to us all. Such a wonderful son!