Thursday, April 23, 2015

Today has been a sad day.  After having this little dog in our family for over 13 years, we had to put her to sleep.  Little Smudgie had a great life with us.  She was spoiled and loved.  By our estimates, she was 15 or 16...she had out-lived her life expectancy.  We feel blessed to have had her for so long.  It's rough losing a pet...but we are pretty sure she is hanging out with Grandma McClintic in Heaven...Smudge had a special bond with my mom and the feeling was mutual:) Rest in Peace sweet dog.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life Was Simpler Then

It's a "snow day" today here in Texas...the third in just a handful of days...enough already.  Grant is doing homework, Bill is working from home and Garrett is at work. I, on the other hand...have no life:)  Really I's just less structured than the rest of the family. Because I am waiting for the dryer to finish, and have some down time...I happened upon a couple of blogs written by young mothers.  As I read them, one in particular, I began to reminisce about the times when our children were young and we would spend lazy summers in San Diego visiting my mom.  Oh those were happy times...the climate, the company and children who had simple lives with absolutely zero drama. I long for those times.  Our kids are making awesome progress in their lives, but I have to say that life is much more complicated now.  We try to find a healthy work/play certainly helps to better navigate the challenges that are sure to come our way.

The stresses are piling up at work for Bill, Christine is feeling the pressures of college and work, Garrett is trying to figure out the best course for his life, Grant is having "friendship" problems and worry consumes much of my waking hours---I'm convinced it's a "mom thing".  Coincidentally, we leave for spring break tomorrow!  We'll be sailing in the Caribbean on Saturday!  The calm of the sea has always helped me rejuvenate and refocus.  Those blogs I read...they were a nice reminder that, although life WAS simpler then, there are still daily opportunities to soak in the beauties of life.  Bill and I try to create a calm atmosphere in our home as a refuge from the crazy that happens all around far, so good.  Happy Cruising to us!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

 While everyone was home for Christmas, we had some updated family pictures taken...It's what we need to do with our sweet little Addie growing like a weed.  Can you tell it was freezing?  Last year it was cold when we took pictures also.  Our photographer wondered if we ever get together in the warm weather:)  We do, just not when we have someone to take our picture.
 Never a dull moment.  These kids LOVE being together!
 And we love being together one we'd rather spend time with.

And this sweet little family was so much fun to have with us this year! Little Miss Addie is 18 months!  She is absolutely adorable in every way...we LOVE her:)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

 I spent a few days in Southern Utah in October.  William was turning 25, so I needed to celebrate with him:)  It turned out that NaKya went on a trip with her mom and sisters and I was able to sit with Addie while William went to school.  It was a great trip...most of the pictures I took are on my phone.  Hopefully I'll get them transferred to the computer and then on the blog.  Christine and I met Papa at Grandma's grave.  It was a beautiful night and we had a nice visit.  Good times together.

 I had a couple of great reasons to head south to Austin in late September.  Brandon was in town with his girlfriend Christina and it was Dad's 72nd birthday!  I drove down, had a nice birthday lunch, took a few pictures and then headed back north.
It really was a great little trip!  I hadn't seen Brandon since his high school graduation in 2007.  Now that is sad! He's doing great!  I loved being with Dad for his birthday as well...I think I might make this a yearly tradition.
 Back in September, Jennie and I took a short 3-night cruise to the Bahamas...It was the 10 year mark of our annual September Girl's trips! We spent the night in Orlando and took off from Port Canaveral, FL.  This is a shot back at the port as we are leaving on a cloudy, balmy day.
 Not wanting to pay the high prices for soda on the ship, I packed my own:)
 I had been holding out for some carrot cake for months...literally.  This was my reward.
 A beautiful day in paradise. We were pulling into Nassau, The Bahamas.
 Off the ship and ready for some shopping...we just wanted to buy some post cards and mail them to our families...with local stamps.  We found post cards, but the stamps were never we mailed them on the ship with US stamps.  Not as fun, but the best we could do.
 We loved talking and walking around the decks at night.  So very peaceful.
 Here we are on Coco Cay...Bahamas...this is Royal Caribbean's private island.  For the beach lover in me, it was perfect.  We were there early and enjoyed the sunshine, warm water and soft sand...a storm was moving in, so we headed back to the ship a little early.
There is no dock near the island, so the visitors are "tendered" in on small boats. The cruise line has this process down to a science.  It was an added bonus to take this little ride.
There is something about the deck of a ship that warms my heart! I love being on a big ship out in the middle of the sea! And this ship had a big outdoor TV screen.  The only bummer was, they played random sports like cricket or whatever...I was hoping for some movies under the stars...oh wait, this wasn't a Disney cruise....but it was a blast! Here's to another 10 years of traveling with my dearest friend!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm a bit of a neat freak.  Grant believes the counter is his much of the counter as he needs.  During the school year, Grant's "stuff" is everywhere.  Garrett is now back at BYU-I and the house is very quiet.  I am realizing that I can live with a bit of clutter, because it means that there is still a child at home.  Before I know it, Grant will be gone too and then our house will be very quiet.  In the meantime, I will live with and be grateful for a little bit of clutter:)